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Explore Energy is an effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy, which is part of the Doerr School of Sustainability.

Peer Advisors

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Explore Energy's Peer Advisors support our advising, education, and outreach efforts on campus. They are a great resource to share their experiences and connect you to opportunities based on your interests.

  • Reach out to them individually to set up an appointment.
  • Meet them at our events including our Community Socials.
  • Catch them riding our Energy Tricycle around campus and tabling at student fairs, Energy Week, etc. 


Peer Advisors can also offer group advising sessions, present at student club meetings, etc. Fill out or Request Form if you are interested in these options.

Kate Bradley



Griffin Clark

Griffin is a junior studying Chemical Engineering, but much of his freshman and sophomore years were dedicated to exploring energy-related majors. He is passionate about mitigating the negative effects of climate change and is always eager to learn about new ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our energy systems and beyond. Griffin has been involved in the energy space on campus in a variety of ways: as a climate reporter for The Stanford Daily, a student researcher in the Materials Science and Engineering department, and a vice president of Stanford Energy Club. He is eager to help students make the most of Stanford’s unique and extensive resources to find their own personalized way to contribute to the equitable and sustainable transition to green energy.

Email Griffin at

Lauren Illa

Lauren Illa

Lauren is a senior pursuing a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering. Her research focuses on using computational methods to investigate battery materials and machine learning for particle accelerator science. As a 2021 Shultz Fellow where she served at the California Energy Commission (CEC), Lauren developed her interest in renewable energy systems and is now a member of the Solar Car Proejct and the Student Space Initiative, working on solar panels and battery systems for both. She is passionate about creating a supportive environment for students to discover their passions in energy on campus and invested in promoting energy equity and justice. When she isn't diving into a new book or diving for a volleyball in the sand courts around campus, you can often find Lauren listening to music (usually Beyoncé), enjoing concerts, and visiting art museums. 

Email Lauren at

Kristy Chan


Email Kristy at