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Explore Energy is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

Why Live at Explore Energy House?

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We are passionate about being a home where residents feel a sense of authenticity, belonging, and inspiration, and where we center the values of joy, hope, curiosity, discovery, and inclusion. We host events, workshops, alumni seminars, student-initiated and led workshops, and more. Upper class preassigned students are guaranteed 2-room doubles!

Our associated staff and leadership team provide energy mentoring and facilitate networking across campus. Living at Explore Energy House also gives you access to the most exclusive field trips to a wide variety of energy related sites. Visit the Tesla Gigafactory, Redwood Materials, and Panasonic Energy with your housemates. Take a guided tour of a dozen bay area energy facilities, narrated by Holmes Hummel. Live with folks who are already making a name for themselves in the energy field.

Check out a resident's experience of a field trip to Tesla's Fremont plant

Resident Spotlights

Brennan Lieu (BS '25) is a junior creating his own major of energy and mechanical engineering. He focuses his studies on studying structures and fluids, while also learning about energy economics/finance. Previously, he worked at AWA Composites for three years, developing composite automotive engine components, and was the youngest person to be a part of SEMA’s 35 Under 35 list in 2022. Recently, he founded BladeX Technologies, a startup developing composite compressor blades, vanes, and impellers for energy and aerospace applications. BladeX Technologies has a new, proprietary manufacturing method that allows lightweight and complex composite structures to be manufactured scalably and at low cost, without the need for tremendous labor, material waste, and part inconsistency (voids) that come with traditional manufacturing processes. BladeX is working with a group of five gas turbine shops to test their parts, and their last fundraising round valued the company at $10M.

Steven Liu (BS '26) is a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering. Steven's academic focus evolves around electrochemistry and batteries, working to improve current lithium-ion technology and implement new chemistries in markets ranging from consumer electronics to grid-scale long duration energy storage. Last summer, Steven interned at Anthro Energy, a startup developing a safer polymer electrolyte for batteries. Currently, he is researching lithium-metal batteries in the Yi Cui lab. Outside of academia and deep tech, Steven is interested in climate policy and electricity markets to incentivize consumer adoption of less polluting technology. Steven hopes to tackle climate change with his technical expertise and analysis of consumer behavior, aiming to scale new battery technologies. He has also served as a staff writer for the Stanford Daily, focusing on energy related stories when possible.

Resident Testimonials

“This is a very good, strong community that is very supportive. It's awesome to be surrounded by like-minded peers who are taking the same or similar classes, and the unmatched opportunities available here have truly enriched my academic journey. The opportunities are unmatched.”  - Connor Hoffman

"The Explore Energy House is a unique place where students from numerous different backgrounds in Energy can come together and learn from each other. After living in Explore Energy House for a year, I’ve fallen in love with the community. As a beneficiary of the vibrant energy community on campus, my goal is to give back to the community and help Jro become one of the most sought after theme houses.  - Steven Liu

“The people here have been amazing, and I am super grateful for the close freshman group we have created. Along with that, there have been so many opportunities offered, from different people talking at the House to the Explore Energy Expo, that I would not have known about if I were not living in this theme house.”  - Joshua Koch

“I like the numerous energy-themed events we have had such as the Energy Alumni Brunch, the EV Showcase, and the Explore Energy Expo."  - Lisa Fung

Associated Staff and Leadership Team: 

  • Yi Cui, Director, Precourt Institute for Energy; Professor, Materials Science and Engineering; Senior Fellow, Precourt Institute for Energy
  • Bruce Cain, Director, Bill Lane Center for the American West; Professor, Political Science
  • Mark Jacobson, Director, Atmosphere/Energy Program; Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Sally Benson, Precourt Family Professor, Professor of Energy Resources Engineering and Senior Fellow at the Precourt Institute for Energy
  • Jane Woodward, Adjunct Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Founder and Managing Partner, MAP
  • Anthony Kinslow, Lecturer, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Founder and CEO of Gemini Energy Solutions
  • Kirsten Stasio, Adjunct Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; VP at MAP 
  • Diana Gragg, Managing Director, Explore Energy at the Precourt Institute for Energy; Core Lecturer, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Bianca Patel, Assistant Director, Explore Energy at the Precourt Institute for Energy
  • Tracy Turner, Administrative Program Manager, Explore Energy at the Precourt Institute for Energy