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Explore Energy is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

Our Resident Fellow

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Holmes Hummel, Managing Director for Energy Equity and a Just Transition at Precourt Institute for Energy, is thrilled to serve as the inaugural Resident Fellow for the Explore Energy House. 

"It is a privilege to hold space with young people who are on the move, and as the Resident Fellow, my aim is to help the new theme house feel like a real home amidst the vast landscape of activity across campus." - H. Hummel.

Holmes is eager to contribute supporting leadership to the first cohort of Resident Assistants and students forming this new community on campus. Holmes thrives in the company of young people and is excited that Explore Energy house will create a new venue for student learning and a unique opportunity for more interactive pedagogy to complement classroom experiences.

Holmes brings experience as an undergraduate resident in three theme houses (Ujamaa, Columbae, Synergy), "I know firsthand that Residential Education provides a context for life-shaping experiences," said Holmes.

Holmes Hummel is a Precourt Scholar and an Adjunct Professor, co-teaching multiple courses including Quest for an Inclusive Clean Energy Economy and Racial Equity in Energy. Holmes works to grow courses, programming, and student engagement around the topics of energy equity and a just transition, including developing and applying thought-leadership as accelerants for decarbonization in clean energy policy development. 

Holmes and their partner, Ren, love to spend time outdoors.

Holmes was a member of Stanford’s first cohort of the Interdisciplinary Program for Environment and Resources and then served as a Congressional Science Fellow in the office of climate champion Jay Inslee. Later, Holmes helped unleash clean energy deployment at an unprecedented scale as an appointee at the Department of Energy yet had to face the fact that the on-ramps to the clean energy economy are not open to all. In response, Holmes founded Clean Energy Works, an award-winning public interest organization that accelerates investment in distributed energy upgrades on terms accessible to all thus supporting equity and economic inclusion.