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Explore Energy is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

Student Clubs

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Explore Energy collaborates with Stanford groups and student clubs doing energy-related work across campus. Below are some of the energy-related student clubs you can join at Stanford with a full list of student organizations here.

Joyce's Advice: Participate in student clubs and programs to meet like-minded peers and engage in energy-rich activities.

Energy Specific

Stanford Energy Club is Stanford's largest student-led energy organization. Their goal is to engage with the real world energy sector in meaningful ways: from energy career fairs and seminars to interdisciplinary projects with energy startups.

Stanford Hydrogen Club provides a platform for current Stanford students who share similar passions in the world of Hydrogen. The club not only offers opportunities to grow a network with professionals from industry through projects and industrial visits, but also provides the platform to explore and understand cutting-edge research in Hydrogen through interaction with eminent professors and scholars. Socials and networking hours are also great opportunities to connect with other students across all schools of Stanford who have similar interests.

Stanford Battery Club connects students from all of Stanford's schools to learn about the high-impact work of your peers and StorageX member companies. 

Stanford Solar Car Project is a student-run, non-profit organization fueled by its members’ passion for environmentally sustainable technology. They provide a unique opportunity for Stanford students to gain valuable hands-on engineering and business experience while raising community awareness of clean energy vehicles.

Stanford Solar Plane Flight Club gives students hands-on experience building a record breaking solar powered electric airplane with the eventual goal of flying, continuously and autonomously, coast to coast in the US. Students will have the opportunity to undergo a rigorous engineering program experience from ideation to design review to construction and testing. It is expected that students who participate in the program will be acquainted with and educated on a large number of skills required for work in the aerospace and other related industries. Students will network with professors, companies, and other engineers making important connections and contributions with this research. 

Sustainable Mobility Club is a new initiative by the Precourt Institute for Energy. SMC aims to make a positive impact on sustainable transportation.  

Policy & Advocacy

All About No Waste (AANW) is a community of Stanford graduate and undergraduate students interested in advancing circular economy solutions. AANW hosts a Trash Talk series, inviting entrepreneurs, business leaders, and change-makers to discuss sustainable solutions for resource management and community impact. AANW also works on real-world projects to advance zero-waste initiatives with partner organizations like DoorDash, DeliverZero, and more.

Fossil Free Stanford is a group of Stanford students, faculty, parents, alumni, and staff calling on Stanford to divest from fossil fuels.

Scientists Speak Up is a student organization that teaches a way of framing conversations about climate change that respects the other person’s existing values and strengthens connections with them, through offering communication workshops, community discussions, and meetings.

Stanford in Government (SIG) is a program that creates a culture of civic and political engagement on the Stanford campus by offering opportunities for Stanford students to engage with and pursue policy as public service. SIG funds more than 60 fellowships for students each year at policy-related organizations, connects students with opportunities to hear and learn from policymakers, and coordinates a variety of civic engagement education initiatives.

Stanford Science Policy Group is a student organization that aims to create a central hub to engage and educate scientists/non-scientists in policy; provide students with tools for science policy professional development; and expose students to thoughtful speakers that work in various sectors of policy development.

Students for Environmental and Racial Justice is a student committee focused on environmental and racial justice issues at Stanford.

Students for a Sustainable Stanford is an inclusive and intersectional community that strives for long-lasting sustainable practices on and off the Stanford campus through discussion, engagement, and direct action.

Business & Entrepreneurship

GSB Energy Club is the center for energy-related interactions at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, bringing together students, faculty members, and guests to explore issues impacting various energy sectors.

GSB Business and Environment Club incorporates environmental sustainability into its philosophy, curriculum, and operations, and empowers its students and alumni to lead on environmental challenges in their industries.

Emergence catalyzes innovations for sustainability, health, and equity, with an approach that is grounded in education, research, and entrepreneurship.


Stanford Law School Energy and Infrastructure Club is a student-run organization focused on providing a forum where law students can explore diverse opportunities to apply legal thinking to project finance, power & utilities, oil & gas, renewable energy, clean-tech, social enterprise and impact investment.

Environmental Law Society is the oldest student environmental law society in the nation. It builds a broad coalition of students interested in environmental law, conservation, and energy issues by bringing students, faculty and staff from both inside and outside the law school together.

International Development

The King International Development Association (KIDA) is a student-led organization affiliated with the Stanford King Center on Global Development. The organization is dedicated to fostering collaboration among undergraduate students committed to addressing international development challenges.

Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) is a student-led affiliate of the Haas Center for Public Service. Stanford ESW aims to address the challenges of global poverty and sustainability by harnessing the energy and creativity of student engineers.