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Explore Energy is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

About Us

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What is Explore Energy?

Our Mission is to enhance and amplify the Stanford student experience around Everything Energy. We develop education offerings, catalyze connection, and build synergy within (and beyond) Stanford's energy ecosystem.

Our Vision is to support all Stanford students interested in energy and propel them to make a purposeful impact in the world.

Navigate & Connect

A hub in Stanford’s energy ecosystem that provides students with a toolbox of resources and personalized matching to a vast range of opportunities. We help bring Everything Energy from Stanford’s Schools, Institutes, and various campus groups into one cohesive point of access.

Learn & Experience

An umbrella over the experiential learning and student engagement programs under the Precourt Institute for Energy. We support existing offerings and develop new offerings that “fill the gaps” across energy education. Our goal is to make learning about energy accessible, inclusive, fun, and comprehensive.