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Explore Energy is an effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy, which is part of the Doerr School of Sustainability.

Alumni Connection

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Did you know that Stanford Professionals in Energy (SPIE) is Stanford's second-largest affinity group? 

Stanford Professionals in Energy (SPIE)

SPIE is an alumni organization that aims to build on Stanford’s leadership in energy research by providing a platform for real-world professional development and engagement. SPIE is open to all Stanford alumni.

Stanford Alumni in Sustainability (SAS)

Stanford Alumni in Sustainability is a new alumni group dedicated to connecting Stanford alumni and students who work in sustainability or are passionate about making a difference in the space. 

Stanford Alumni Mentoring (SAM)

SAM is a database of over 3,500 alumni from a wide-range of backgrounds. You can connect with alumni based on your needs  (job shadowing, mock interviewing, etc.) and join mentorship groups.

Stanford PlusFive 

Stanford PlusFive is a new program that provides career-focused support to Stanford alumni for 5 years following graduation.

Young Professionals in Energy (YPE)

VPE aims to facilitate the advancement of young professionals in the global energy industry by providing a forum for networking and career development through social, educational, and civic service opportunities. Join your local chapter! YPE San Francisco Bay Area also has a local job board.