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Explore Energy is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

Energy Roadmaps

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The Roads

Explore by energy topic area or our 4 popular energy pathways:

  • Policy, NGO & Advocacy
  • Law, Economics & Finance
  • Startup & Entrepreneurship
  • Research

The Pitstops

Make the following pitstops along your journey. (TIP: View in Kanban mode! You can also play around with features like filter, group, and sort).

  1. Join a Student Club to meet peers with similar interests and build community.
  2. Connect with a Stanford Group (institutes, centers, etc.). These are doorways to faculty/staff, student opportunities, events, and more. Subscribe to their newsletters if they have one!
  3. Take a Course to build your energy knowledge and work on applied projects.
  4. Apply for an Internship to acquire hands-on experience and network.
  5. Explore other External Resources including funding opportunities for your startup ideas, nonprofits to volunteer at, and more.


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