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Explore Energy is an effort of theĀ Precourt Institute for Energy, which is part of the Doerr School of Sustainability.


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When does SUPER take place?

This year, the program will run fromĀ June 26 through September 1, 2023. Slightly different start or end dates may be possible in coordination with your mentor, but you should plan to participate in cohort activities for most of those 10 weeks.

Who is eligible?

Stanford undergraduates who will be enrolled as undergrads through at least Fall Quarter 2023 are eligible for the summer 2023 SUPER program. If funding allows, we can occasionally make exceptions and accept seniors who will be coterms in the fall.

Am I eligible if I am currently performing research with a faculty advisor?

Yes. Pre-existing undergraduate researchers may apply and research may proceed after SUPER concludes. However, the financial support from SUPER is fixed for the summer term.

What type of research does SUPER support?

SUPER supports energy-related research within any of the schools at Stanford.

What are the selection criteria?

The projects must be related to energy and achievable on campus. We are primarily interested in strong student-faculty pairs.

When will I be notified of my funding status?

Students and faculty will be notified of their funding status prior to spring break.

May a faculty member mentor two or more SUPER interns?

Depending on enrollment in the SUPER program and available funding, there is a chance that a faculty mentor may mentor more than one intern. This is not guaranteed, however.