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Explore Energy is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

Clean Energy Transition

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Course TopicQuarterTitle
APPPHYS 79NFallEnergy Options for the 21st Century
CEE 219FallGeothermal Energy Development & its Role in Decarbonizing the Electrical Grid
EARTHSYS 308/ENERGY 308/ENVRES 295/ESS 308/ME 308FallCarbon Dioxide and Methane Removal, Utilization, and Sequestration
EE 292X/CEE 292XFallBattery Systems for Transportation and Grid Services
ENERGY 153/ENERGY 253FallCarbon Capture and Sequestration
MATSCI 302FallSolar Cells
MATSCI 303FallPrinciples, Materials and Devices of Batteries
CEE 34NWinterWind Energy Explained
CEE 130B/330BWinterQuest for an Inclusive Energy Economy
CEE 263HWinterSustainable Energy Decisions
CHEMENG 65QWinterChemical Engineering for Sustainability
ENERGY 30NWinterBusting Energy Myths
ENERGY 109/209WinterEnergy Transition Strategies 
ENERGY 205WinterHydrogen Economy
ENERGY 295WinterElectrochemical Energy Storage Systems: Modeling and Estimation
ENGR 50EWinterIntroduction to Materials Science, Energy Emphasis
GSBGEN 532WinterClean Energy Opportunities
MATSCI 152WinterElectronic Materials Engineering
MATSCI 256WinterSolar Cells, Fuel Cells, and Batteries: Materials for the Energy Solution
CEE 65SISpringTransportation and the Future City 
CEE 176B/CEE 276BSpring100% Clean, Renewable Energy and Storage for Everything
CEE 263G/ENERGY 73/ PUBLPOL 73SpringEnergy Policy in California and the West
EARTHSYS 102/ENERGY 102SpringFundamentals of Renewable Power
EE 157SpringElectric Motors for Renewable Energy, Robotics, and Electric Vehicles
EE 237SpringSolar Energy Conversion
EE 293/ENERGY 293SpringEnergy Storage and Conversion: Solar Cells, Fuel Cells, Batteries and Supercapacitors
ENERGY 269SpringGeothermal Reservoir Engineering
MATSCI 144SpringThermodynamic Evaluation of Green Energy Technologies